Friday, November 6, 2009

jus past my 17 now become 18...

i very happy that my dearest friends celebrate with me... this time i knew many new friends too..
on 2nd nov my dears all celebrate with me... n my dear da jie ( mee gee ) also got go.. actually i dunno they celebrate with me cause they just say wan discuss my birthday wan go where... n when i reach there i sit n chat with mee gee n jun keat... then my cousin n my dear 3rd jie go fetch my dear kah sing... then they go buy cake.. n when they take the cake come in to the place that i sit i so suprise.. n i so happy... n my dears jia hui n tuck poh also come n celebrate with me... love you guys my lovely dears all...

on 3rd nov... my mum say 4th wanna celebrate with me n i tell my mum that my others friends wan celebrate with me.. then i say change to today.. then my mum call the maid keep the food that wan cook.. then we go out n eat for dinner.. we go zhong wah n eat.. wah.. so nice the food.. ii eat so much.. all the " lala" i eat finish n fish also.. haha.. love my lovely famaily... muacks... n my aunty call me n say happy birthday to me you..

on 4th of nov.. the real of my birthday.. haha... i receive many wish from my friends.. n thanks for u guys for the wishes... n in the afternoon i give my little cousin brother sleep cause he dun wan my sis to give him sleep n his mum went out d.. n i give him sleep n play with him.. after he sleep i start make up n bout 4 something my sis fetch me n my cousin go sunway. n we go shop awhile then go amp square... bout 7 :30pm all my dears come n some of others friends too....cause this day got 3 person birthday too... me, chee hen n tong ping... so they help us celebrate together..n also we not like sing k.. bout 9 something the sing k room like become clubbing ... we all get high n play till crazy.. haha.. n we drink much too...after that bout 3o++ people sing birthday song to us.. n i so happy... after that i need to back d.. n others friend like c us which mean me n my cousin.. n one of the boy say with me if want back must sing song 1st.. i laught say dun wan la.. haha... then we took a photo.. like big family de photo.. all in the photo... haha..
then i back home online.. i still think that he will wish me.. n that day i jus waiting for his wish..
but can't get from him..i so disappointed to him... b4 my birthday he still tell me he remember my birthday.. but on my birthday that day i did not get any thing... wish also din get it... i so sad bout this.. i cant imagine why he tell me he remember n he did not do any thing to me.. the whole day i waiting for his wish n in the mid night of 3rd of nov i saw he online but also din wish too... n i still think he will wish me so i online till 3 something.. but i cant get any thing.. is ok.. nvm..

but nvm.. may be he dun wan wish me or not free... however i very happy that my birthday was so great... thanks for my lovely family n my lovely dear friends..
love my family n friend n 7 sisterssss...